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If you want to build a great business, not just a profitable one, we can help you.

Based in Dublin 2, Ireland, Dominic Kelly heads up a firm of Chartered Accountants, that has worked with the Live and Recorded music industry for 30 years. Starting in 1986, we have been immersed in the live music business. We have worked with every size of artist, from those just starting to get gigs, to multi-platinum, stadium level performers. We have worked all over the world, and plan and execute all territories.

We know exactly how to make you more from every transaction, how to maximize revenues, and control costs, how to budget effectively, lose less tax locally and internationally, and get the best from negotiations with everyone you deal with. We should do, because we know how they work. This level of experience and knowledge is unparalleled, and combined with both professional expertise and a leading firm of Chartered Accountants, will deliver for you.

The purpose of creating and running a business is to make money. But just as importantly, you need to keep it. Our knowledge and strategies will ensure you do. Robust commercial expertise, smart tax planning, exit strategies and asset management will help you execute and perfect the best outcomes.
Our Services

Our Services

 Business Management

The business of music management demands a special set of skills, in both music industry knowledge, experience, and financial expertise.

Business Experience 

We will help with everything from sourcing finance, to developing sound growth strategies and implementing solid financial systems. Financial control is essential, and we can add this to your strengths.

Global Impact 

We work with global acts and professionals, and manage all aspects of the financial journey, with expert attention to detail.

Future Focused

Lack of focus, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have 24 hour days. We will help you to achieve focus within your business with clear, accurate and detailed information delivered on time, so you can make the right decisions.

Why Work With Us

Having an advisor that has sat on all sides of that negotiation table has not previously been readily available.

It’s really important that individuals do what they are good at, and get other experts to do what they excel at. This way, profit and efficiency is maximized. Artists are currently underserved by tax and audit firms. These firms simply don’t have the industry wide commercial experience to assist to make informed decisions that add value, and drive success to new and higher levels.

We work with both new and established acts, and serious businesses, that need structure and guidance, and will assist management by freeing them up from, and optimizing the financial role by providing expert assistance. Working with a band’s manager, company’s managing director, legal representative, booking agent, and other team members, we focus on ensuring a clear, effective financial plan is developed. This allows the team to get on with what they are good at, while knowing that all touring, financial administration, and deals are secure and optimized.

Included with handling finances are tax filings, worldwide tour budgeting, significantly improved show settlements, profitability increases through strict financial controls on costs and income lines, new income strategies, asset protection and acquisition, effective tax and structure planning, assisting with investment strategy, estate planning and oversight, contract review and negotiations, royalty tracking and auditing, stake holder reporting, and banking. In addition, all of the common garden auditing and accounting flow from this, and are covered in house.

This makes what is otherwise a reactive compliance necessity into a pro-active and profitable core group partner. The client benefits from an overall plan with razor sharp execution, that drives real increased value.

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We will work with you wherever, and whenever, works best. We find solutions, not problems, and we want to make you more profitable, not just be a cost.

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