Why work with us?

  1. Because we’re the best employer in the industry. Don’t just take our word for it: we won Employer of the Year at the 2024 Irish Accountancy Awards.
  2. Because we have a 50/50 male to female partner split, a 0% gender pay gap, and the team is 52% women. We treasure diversity and take pride that we have team members from all over the world.
  3. Because we provide industry leading packages to all staff. This includes pension schemes, medical insurance, and in 2023, we introduced additional leave for everyone. We actively encourage and support all employees to pursue their career development.
  4. Because we are both an Institute of Chartered Accountants Gold rated training firm, and an A grade Institute certified firm for Auditing and Accounting standards.
  5. Because we have clearly defined paths to partner level for all staff. Development is focused on continual professional development (CPD) and education.
  6. So, if your experience of working in finance and accounting is frustrating, then let’s talk.

Developing Partnerships with our Clients

What we do best is to help business owners build great businesses which gives them the time and money to do the non business things that are important to them. Solid advice plays a big part in this. We strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients, being a ‘business partner’ not just a compliance necessity. This gives YOU the chance to work in partnership with our clients in a more meaningful way.

What We Do

Strata Financial provides a full suite of all accounting, auditing, tax, management, and compliance services, together with restructuring and wealth management resources. Focused heavily on delivering a strategic partnership, we connect as part of a team. Every great business needs the right finance, structures and systems, and we have the experience and specialist services our clients need. Our ‘partnership’ style accountancy practice enables us to focus on our clients’ business requirements, and we pride ourselves on not only providing excellent compliance services, but forming lasting business relationships with our clients.

A Team that Delivers

Focused solutions and excellent strategies are the cornerstone of our development, and our team delivers. We are one of Ireland’s top 20 firms, and we have achieved this over the past 30 years by consistently delivering what clients need, on time, and well.  For our clients, the purpose of creating and running a business is to make money. But just as importantly, they need to keep it. Our knowledge and strategies will ensure they do. So join a team that delivers robust commercial expertise, smart tax planning, exit strategies and asset management to help our clients execute and perfect the best outcomes.

Job Opportunities with Strata Financial

Boost your accountancy career by joining Strata Financial. We’re one of Ireland’s Top 20 accounting firms, and our proactive and highly professional team is growing rapidly. Check out our job opportunities here:

Strata Financial won Employer of the Year 2024 at the Irish Accountancy Awards. We are a dynamic and growing practice in Ireland’s Top 20 accountancy firms with a 0% gender pay gap and Gold ACCA training status.  We provide industry leading packages to all staff. This includes pension schemes, medical insurance, and additional leave. We actively encourage and support all employees to pursue their career development.

What we deliver:

Strategic Growth Planning

We can assist you and your business to create a strategy to grow your business. The plan we develop in conjunction with you will identify key growth priorities for the business in which you operate. Our aim is to assist and support you in an ever changing and demanding economic climate.

Mergers & Acquisitions

A key specialty. From deal negotiation, to financing, and team management and oversight, we will help make your merger or acquisition happen effectively. We can assist with due diligence, and maximize the end result for you. What happens after is also key – we will work with you to implement and restructure if necessary post deal to ensure a good and profitable fit.

Accounting Systems

We have up to the minute experience of the latest accounting systems and software. We can assess your current accounting systems, and outline recommendations for relevant changes that will provide you with a more accurate, stream lined and cost effective approach to managing your accounting.

Taxation Planning

Our tax experts can examine your particular situation and needs and recommend the right solution for you and your business. We consider your company structure, business sector and future plans to develop the appropriate strategy for you. Taxation is a significant cost to both businesses and individuals which needs to be planned for and controlled in a timely manner. We provide a comprehensive and professional service to assist clients in all areas of tax planning, both national and international.

Finance Sourcing & Appraisal

With our many years of business experience we can offer our clients the best chance of success in this area with sound professional advice. We have considerable expertise and contacts in all of the major financial institutions. Based on detailed projections and business plans we can advise on the appropriate source of funding for your business and will work with you throughout the process to reach a successful outcome.

Debt & Banking Resolution

We work with all lenders and debt providers to secure and resolve outstanding debt issues. The solution is usually not just a matter of financial negotiations, but the manner in which they are conducted, and our reputation with the lenders. We have resolved debts for, and assisted a very large number of clients with all of the banks and funds, and pride ourselves as being both expert, and highly effective in producing a good outcome for clients.≤/p>

Taxation Compliance

This can be a complex area for both businesses and individuals and we provide the full range of compliance services and ensure that all relevant returns are made on time and all reporting deadlines are met. Our team is experienced and we are committed to keeping ourselves up to date in an ever changing taxation legislation environment. We work closely with our clients to meet all obligations quickly and accurately, identify tax opportunities and avoid exposure to unnecessary risks.

Investment Analysis

If you are planning a mortgage, retirement, property purchase, or fund investment, we are qualified to advise you on what options are available, and how to maximise your returns. We are not tied to, or take commissions from anyone. We are completely independent, and work only for you. You will find that our years of business and investment experience will deliver sound and reliable advise.

Wealth Portfolio Management

This is an essential, but often overlooked part of every business’s, and individuals planning. There must be a strategy, and we will build this with you. When created, the strategy needs to be implemented, and managed. We will do this, and ensure you get detailed reporting and oversight. We can assist with choice of investment, suitability and most importantly, risk assessment and management. We have a long history of delivering real results.

Management Accounts

Management accounting information and KPI’s are a key tool in the efficient operation of any business allowing you as the owner/operator to keep up to date with the performance of your business. We have the expertise to provide timely, accurate and up to date performance analysis information on a month by month or quarterly basis depending on your needs. Our experienced team can either fully prepare or assist you in the preparation of management reports. Our reports are tailored to address your needs and facilitate you in planning and evaluating performance.

Cash Flow Management

The key to every business. We will advise, manage and report on the lifeblood of your business. We can evaluate your systems, and reporting structures, and implement and improve on controls and structures, to ensure you keep real control over cash. Combining accounting systems with real time banking and management information takes co-ordination and deliberate control. We will work with your team to deliver this.

Audit & Accountancy Services

For more than 30 years this has been the core of our business. We are A grade rated with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland, and are proactive in ensuring the necessary compliance while focusing on adding value. Our staff can provide detailed analysis of your business operations and carry out professional audit procedures with minimum disruption to your business. We offer a partner led approach in this area and a single point of contact on all audit and accountancy engagements. We work to ensure that all relevant statutory and taxation deadlines are met as painlessly as possible. Our audit approach is tailored to suit the size and nature of your organisation and is backed up by our extensive industry knowledge. We are proactive during the course of our audit work by looking for opportunities to advise you on how to improve controls and financial performance.

Outsourced accounting

Outsourcing your accounting provides you with access to our team of expert accountants looking after all your accounting needs in an accurate and timely manner. It ensures that your revenue requirements and deadlines are met, removes the complexity and burden of accounts and crucially frees up your time to do what you do best, ie, running your business. Our team have experience in a variety of industries which allows them to be able to offer sound, practical advice to assist you in the day-to-day administration of your business.

Company Secretarial

We provide the full range of company secretarial services which include filing of annual returns with the CRO, documentation for company reconstructing, buyback of shares, appointments, and any other filing requirements your company may have.

Corporate Restructuring and Recovery

Our team has a wealth of experience in restructuring including:
Completion of financial and operational reviews, business feasibility reviews, working capital reviews, assistance in negotiations with lenders and creditors. We will consider the tax implications of business re-organisations. asset withdrawals including Members Voluntary Winding up’s, business disposals and succession planning.
We have expertise in the following recovery services:
SCARP (Small Companies Administrative Rescue Process), Court Liquidations, Creditors Voluntary Liquidations and Receiverships.

Forensic Accounting, Commercial and Family Law Litigation Services

We have extensive experience in acting as expert Witness in commercial, family law and litigation disputes.
We can help with litigation Support, providing forensic assistance and expert testimony in commercial legal matters, investigative accounting, and carrying out financial investigations across a wide range of areas.